Exterior Painting Warranty

You get an Exterior Painting Warranty!

Your Exterior Paint Protection Plan® is fast, simple and free with all full exterior paint jobs.

  • You have full access to our award-winning customer support team.
  • Your paint job is protected with: annual surface evaluations, pressure washings and emergency carpentry and touch-up services.
  • You receive value, piece of mind and protection against the harsh New England weather.

What you get with a full exterior paint job:

  • Your residential paint job is fully warrantied (labor and material) for 2 years.
  • You receive annual “Surface Protection Check-Ups” in which one of our technicians comes to your home each year to re-inspect the entire job. We stay on top of potential paint deterioration so you don’t have to worry about future damage to your home.
  • Your exterior paint job is repaired by our technicians as necessary (for free within your warranty period or for a discounted hourly rate outside of the warranty period).
  • You are offered an annual pressure washing special for as low as $199 for your entire house. This type of regular washing will maximize the longevity of your surface coating, adding an average of 20% to your paint’s lifespan. This means you will save an average of $1800 every decade, as you gain 1-3 additional years of protection from each paint job!
  • When you are ready to re-paint your home, you receive a free estimate and a price-matching guarantee. This allows you to always get the highest-quality job at the lowest possible price.

Best of all, your Exterior Paint Protection Plan is Absolutely FREE!