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Interior Painting Contractor Serving Middlsex and Worcester Counties
We specialize in high quality Interior Painting and decorating services.

If you’d like that professional look for your interior then painting the interior of your home is not as easy as it looks!  The difference between hiring a pro and doing it yourself is in the finished quality of your painted surfaces and the finer details like smooth, seamless, drip and streak free walls with nice clean edges.

Maybe you’ve just purchased a new-to-you home and you’d like to change the color scheme of the interior or some specific rooms prior to moving in?  Maybe you’re repainting a man-cave in your favorite sports team colors or maybe it’s your front entryway or a living room or maybe it’s the entire interior of your home!  The larger the project the more time you’ll invest if you want to do-it-yourself.  This is why hiring the right professional painter can make all the difference between a room that looks fantastic and a room that really looks like you did it yourself!

Morcone Painting is a full service painting contractor based out of Westborough MA and serving Middlesex and Worcester Counties.  We specialize in interior painting projects of all sizes for residential clients. From repainting the interior of an older home, to painting that brand new home addition or new construction project to helping you choose the right colors and trim accents to really make your home interior “pop”, our team of painters will be able to impress you with the high quality of their finished work.

Interior Painting Services Middlesex & Worcester County

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Doors
  • Window Frames and Trim
  • Mantels
  • Bookshelves
  • Paneling and Wainscot
  • Baseboard, Crown and other Trim Moldings
  • Cabinets
  • Entertainment Systems
  • All Decorative Moldings and Finish Carpentry
  • Staining & Finishing of New/Existing Woodwork
  • Cabinetry; New Cabinets (paint-grade or stain-grade)
  • Entertainment Systems (paint, stain or faux finishes)
  • Finishing of new Windows & Doors
  • Stripping & Refinishing Furniture
  • Stripping & Refinishing Cabinetry, Wood Handrails, Entry Doors & Thresholds
  • Decorative Faux Finishes​
  • Drywall and Plaster Repair
  • Baseboard, Crown and other Molding Installation

Repainting A Home Interior

If you’ve just moved into a home that requires painting or you’d just like to repaint the walls/ceilings in your older home then you’re looking for a repainting service.  Repainting projects consist of moving furniture and obstructions out of the way, laying down plastic over areas you want protected and then going to work spackling and repairing any imperfections in your drywall before we actually begin painting.

You’d be amazed how many little dents and dings can accumulate on an interior wall over the years and if they aren’t repaired at this stage your repaint isn’t going to look so hot.  After we’ve repaired and sanded your walls to the point where nothing will be noticeable after we paint… we paint!

How Do Our Painting Services Work?

#1.  It’s simple!  If you have a room or several rooms inside your home, office or business building that need to be painted the first step is to give us a call or send us an email so we can arrange a site visit.  If you choose to email us, please provide some detail as to what you’d like us to do for you.  Clarification always helps us respond more efficiently and with more thought.

#2.  Upon a site visit we’ll view your project, listen to what you’d like us to do and we can offer any suggestions that might be applicable to your situation.  If you haven’t chosen your colors yet we can provide color consulting and paint samples to help make your decision easier.

#3.  After our site visit we’ll take everything we’ve learned about your project and run the numbers to come up with your written estimate.

How Do We Calculate Our Interior Painting Estimates

We calculate our interior painting projects based on the materials we’ll be using (calculated off the square footage of the surfaces to be painted), any special equipment (scaffolding/man lifts/HEPA filters) we might require for your project and lastly the labor we’ll be spending prepping, painting and cleaning up after your project.

Why Choose Morcone Painting For Your Residential Interior Painting Project

When you choose to work with Morcone Painting for your residential interior painting project you’re choosing to partner with a professional painting company with over 30 years of experience painting nice peoples homes just like yours.  You can count on high quality workmanship, with competitive prices and superior service.

We put our years of residential painting experience to work for our clients on every job by offering a fast turn-around on our estimates, offering and sticking to our accurate time-lines for completion and we are always within budget.

If you’d like to schedule an estimate with Morcone Painting for your next interior painting project call (508) 366-0292 or fill out our contact form and we’ll be getting right back to you.